Guadalupe Mountains Salt Flat by BongoInc

Flickr Favorite: Guadalupe Mountains Salt Flat by BongoInc From BongoInc: Salt Flat, West Texas The Guadalupe Mountain Salt Flats are a remnant of an ancient, shallow lake that once occupied this area during the Pleistocene Epoch, approximately 1.8 million years ago. Salt collected here as streams drained mineral-laden water into this basin. The basin, called […]

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Caves by nmjeeptours

Flickr Favorite: Caves by nmjeeptours From nmjeeptours: This was taken from the bowels of the earth almost 750 feet below the surface in Carlsbad New Mexico. The different colours your see are not visible with the naked eye. The incandescent, fluorescent lights used and tones of the cave made the colours vivid using a long […]

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