Carlsbad Caverns: the main attraction

Youtube Favorite: Carlsbad Caverns: the main attraction

From YouTube:

There are caves and then there are Caverns. Carlsbad is definitely a Caverns class attraction.

There is so much to see and do here that sets New Mexicos Carlsbad apart from other cave attractions that we couldnt possibly list everything in one teaser video like this.

Adventurer Clint Pollock delivers the been-there-done-that experience in this short video featuring Ranger Geologist Paul Burger as they explore and expose Carlsbads Big Room, the 8 acre sized, stalagmite filled room that is 750 feet below ground, the bat flight of thousands of bats every night and, the 1 ΒΌ mile main entrance switchback trail that follows the original explorers path as they discovered this underground wonder.

Carlsbad is certainly for everyone with its updated elevator system that accommodates anyone wanting to see its secrets revealed. So, bring a flashlight, leave the baby stroller in the car and follow a self guided tour or hook up with one of the ranger guided tours to explore Carlsbad Caverns.

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