Guadalupe Peak with El Capitan by Patrick Morris Photography

Carlsbad New Mexico - Guadalupe Peak with El Capitan Flickr Favorite: Guadalupe Peak with El Capitan by Patrick Morris Photography

From Patrick Morris Photography:

Your life will be a swirling vortex of misery if you don’t view on black.

This is the Guadalupe Mountain range, part of Guadalupe National Park. It’s the highest peak in Texas, but relatively unknown and very much in the middle of nowhere.

To get to Carlsbad Caverns from Las Cruces, NM, we had to actually drive through El Paso and then cut up into New Mexico again through these mountains.

It was an unexpected visit, and we went to McKittrick Canyon while we were there, but didn’t have enough time to explore that as they close the gate at 6pm (really?!). Unfortunately, I’m about two weeks too early to see the leaves change in the canyon anyway.

This sunset was also unexpected; we thought the cloud cover would be too dense, and I was going to originally shoot the sunset from up just below the cliff, looking out across the plain, but the sunset kind of fizzled and we were on our way.

This is a much more satisfying composition and the colors were AMAZING from down there!

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