The Whale’s Mouth by Leviathor

Carlsbad New Mexico - The Whale's Mouth Flickr Favorite: The Whale’s Mouth by Leviathor

Located directly beneath the Chihuahuan Desert in New Mexico, the stark contrast between above- and below-ground climates is extreme. Hiking in Carlsbad Cavern is a lot like hiking in an extremely humid, but cool forest–the “weather” in the cave is a constant 56°F with 95% humidity.

The whale’s mouth is a rather large and cool formation consisting of draperies surrounding a large, cavernous mouth. Exposing inside of a cave is very difficult, namely because the exposures need to be long, and because the lighting is absolute poo. I only made one exposure in the cave (no duplicates), so what you see from Carlsbad is what you get.

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